March 13-14, 2016

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Sponsor of Lowcountry Homeschool Convention

At Home in The Lowcountry HSA

Christian Homeschoolers' Association of South Carolina

Sponsor of the Lowcountry Homeschool Convention

​We are pleased to announce the Convention will again be held at  Charleston Southern University 

9200 University Blvd

North Charleston, SC 29406

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Sponsor of Lowcountry Homeschool Convention

The workshops we have planned

will answer all of your homeschool questions ranging from sports, special education, preparing for college and so much more.

Vendors will range from traditional curriculum companies to small business owners who offer opportunities and services to homeschoolers.

Learn how to answer the question "but what about socialization?"

How to start homeschooling!

​Do you struggle with your homeschooling? So much more!

Welcome- The 3rd Annual

Lowcountry Homeschool Convention